Some say BOB was born in the 60’s but BOB never invites us to his birthday parties. He likes to have his cake and eat it too. BOB isn’t your average run of the mill individual, he can turn invisible at will, as long as no one is watching. BOB is also quite the romantic. He loves red roses, quality time, and long walks on the beach. Whenever he goes to the beach, he waves at the ocean, and it always waves back. We can’t say that BOB is religious but he does claim to know how to make holy water. Per his instruction, we just boiled the hell out of it. While BOB isn’t overly into mathematics, he does have an interest in physics. He once read an entire book on anti-gravity. BOB claimed the writing was so strong, he just couldn’t put it down. 

We don’t know the origin of BOB but we do know his first words: FM. From that day on, BOB FM was born, and so was BOB. Years down the road, he was able to land a job as a psychic. BOB told us he didn’t see that coming. Now famous, BOB decided to pursue work in medicine. He didn’t become a surgeon for the money, or for the fame for that matter. He just didn’t become a surgeon. Instead, he began a career in radio. “Medicine for the ears” he says. BOB used to have chronic ear pain, but when the doctor asked which ear it was, he said, “2022”. BOB will always be a legend, near and dear to our hearts… and radio frequency. Stay classy and never forget to get into your car, play the radio, and turn the knob to BOB!

Facts about Bob

"Bob bought his first car not based on make, model or mileage, but strictly on the sound system."

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