Rick & Carly’s Kids


Do you know of a kiddo here in the Treasure Valley who is fighting a tough fight? Through “Rick & Carly’s Kids” we want to make dreams come true one child at a time. We want to let families know that we are all in this together; we want to share in their successes and be there when the going gets tough.

Several times throughout the year Rick & Carly will feature a child that is battling something tough and we’ll grant them a special dream day or experience.  There are no parameters with “Rick & Carly’s Kids.” No challenge is too big or too small, because we want all kids to know that their own personal struggles matter and we hope to make their world a little brighter. 


Facts about Bob

"Bob’s drone has a super-sensitive microphone. It’s not for spying on conversations, but to hear what music his neighbors are listening to."

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