PBR: Unleash The Beast

today March 28, 2024my_locationFord Idaho Center


🤠 Hold Onto Your Hats, Bob’s Going Bull Wild!

Hey, Bob family! Grab your cowboy hats and dust off those boots because we’re roping you into the most thrilling event of the year – the PBR Nampa Gem State Showdown! From March 28th to 30th, 2024, the Ford Idaho Center Arena will transform into a battleground where man meets beast in a heart-pounding spectacle that’s more intense than Bob trying to do a line dance after drinking too much caffeine.

🐂 Why It’s the Must-See Event of the Year

Imagine the toughest bulls in the land going hoof-to-hoof with the bravest riders. We’re talking about a showdown so epic, even Bob’s considering swapping his microphone for a lasso.

Three Days of Adrenaline: Each night brings a new level of excitement, with riders battling for the championship buckle. It’s like watching your favorite playlist come to life – if your playlist was made of 2,000-pound bulls, that is.

Begin March 28, 2024
End March 30, 2024
Location Ford Idaho Center

Facts about Bob

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